Human ideology

Understanding life’s intricate voodoo is an action item in every generation for human being.Mans ideas fluctuate between righteousness and non-righteous every moment.Righteousness depends on logicality ,morality and legality of the subject.Some things may sound logically correct but may fail being legal or moral ,this could be the same in combinatorial configuration.

Forming a law may happen based on some people’s decision in a particular generation by an inclination of morality and a tinge of logicality(may vary case by case). I think morality comes from heart and logicality comes from brain.Hence a proper Law for a generation may change over time.

Ignorant people choose to stick to self identity and be in a trance in idea of loosing their originality when they step into to a new system, in fact they need to understand they stepped in a new system and hence forth they are bound to learn understand and acclimatize to new environment in the new system (This new environment in the new system  is  every moment on this earth which is  resultant of  karma)

Wierd IDeas(Scope for Research):

I had this wierd idea to estimate karma function, im not knowledgeble at this point to even start putting down.But seeding the idea is the inception.

“Understanding the Karma function analyzing it and being able to calculate it.”

Rough ideas:  Prarabha karma can be calculated by your horoscope;Sanchitha can be modified by your recent actions: Agamana karma is influenced by prarabha & sanchita karma.Using these clues we can start work towards estimating it…

Life is a learning process & vicious cycle of Karma,Hope my initial step will eventually take me to broader horizons in understanding the purpose of Life.


Law of Karma

Nature has chosen to gift life on earth.

Due to the specific capabilities of human race, man has grown to an intelligent animal on this planet.Understanding the nature, developing communication among humans by symbolic self expression , language for mutual communication were great insights for formation of complex social structures.These social interactions has established norms,rituals ,colonies and thus forming the human society.

Time being the variant of human transformation , human being has the choice of good or bad in every moment of  life.

Nature decides the existence of a system or organism by allowing it to undergo random transformation and finally obtain a  proper configuration which ensures stability(i.e when it attain a stable energy). Similarly human life is a phenomenal function resulting in karma energy. Nature enforces law of karma and keeps it a constant, as when you feed in positive energy its gives results in positive way similarly for the negative energy(natures law of conservation of energy ).

The profound play of dharma, on every one giving their turn to choose things either the good way or bad way finally accounts to their karma and is properly  balanced by the nature.

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Karma cycle represented as mandala
(Reference: Saṃsāra-facebook)